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Maritime Solutions

A complete package solution that consists of several options for Telephony, alarm and on-board messaging, battery-free emergency telephones, camera surveillance, radio and television solutions and our own environmental radio solution.

Telephone System

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Telephone System

With over 25 years of experience with Alcatel's dependable phone solutions, Sunncom can offer future-oriented maritime telephony solutions for use on all types of ships. With our expertise we can tailor-made solutions to the single ship so that all needs and wishes are met.

When stability, quality and accessibility are important, Sunncom has good solutions for fixed-IP telephony, which gives users top voice quality. If the shipping company initially has a mobile solution, this can be integrated with the solution on board the ship. If desired, we can also integrate the employees' mobile phones.  

The phone solution integrates with the ship's LAN Wi-Fi network and simplifies the cable on board. A cable for each cabin covers the need for telephone, TV-Radio-Video and Wi-Fi solution. All equipment is Veritas approved.

PA - Public Address System

PA - Public Address System

Public Address System / Offshore PA equipment, specially designed to meet the requirements of PA / GA.

The system complies with SOLAS, IMO and IEC regulations. Based on modular design and flexible configuration, the system covers a wide range of complex installations - ranging from small single loops to fully duplicate systems that utilize total redundancy.  

We provide the complete PAGA system designed to meet the requirements for alarm and message distribution onboard in mobile offshore installations.

BTS - Batterlyless Telephone System

BTS - Batteryless Telephone System

BTS is an emergency telephone system with no external power requirements. All the energy required for 4-6 minutes of operation is produced by the call generator.

The amplifier is integrated into one of the telephone units to reduce installation cables. The system can also be connected to the 24 VDC power supply to ensure continuous operation under normal conditions. The system automatically switches to battery-free / emergency operation in case of power failure.


CCTV - Camera Surveillance

CCTV is a television system where the signals are not publicly distributed, but are primarily for surveillance and security purposes internally on the ship.

CCTV is dependent on the strategic location of the cameras. Because the cameras communicate with monitors and / or recording servers over the internal IP network. The CCTV cameras have high resolution and can zoom in on a picture to the smallest detail.

CCTV is used for a variety of purposes, including: 

  • Maintain perimeter security in medium to high-secure areas and installations.

  • Observe production lines.

  • Traffic Monitor.

  • Places that would be dangerous to humans as in some production sites

  • Obtaining a visual overview of activities in situations where it is necessary to maintain proper security or access controls (such as throwing and hiding situations on different fishing vessels).


TV Solutions for the offshore environment

Offshore TV solutions can make life more enjoyable and safer on board.

With the latest in IPTV technology, Sunncom delivers cost-effective and forward-looking TV solutions. In addition to main features like HDTV, PVR and Radio, our solutions include PAGA muting, CCTV integration, and private messages.


  • High quality TV and radio

  • Video on demand (VOD) including licensed movie

  • Databases

  • Video recording, personal and networking

  • Digital signage

  • Wireless and wired internet access

  • Access to external content (ie, foreign TV channels and * podcasts)

  • Interface for CCTV

  • Distribution

  • IP over Ethernet and coaks

  • WLAN

Advantages of choosing this solution from Sunncom:
Increased well-being for crew and guests, simpler and more efficient dissemination of information to employees

Factory Enertaiment System

Factory Entertainment System

Offshore Radio solutions for people who use hearing protection on board make life far more enjoyable and safer.

ScandCom Radio Listing System - Environmental Radio

ScandCom environmental radio combines what is required with the comfortable and offers a system that, in addition to preventing hearing damage, gives the user the opportunity to listen to three different channels of entertainment, receive information and alarms, as well as communicate with colleagues internally and externally. This makes the job more enjoyable and perhaps safer.

The many different types of recipients allow employees with ScandCom environmental radio hearing protection to listen to different programs, receive messages, talk to colleagues, without taking off the hearing protection. It also comes with hearing protection with communication solutions, both for internal concession-free radio, and hearing protection receivers with BlueTooth, which connected cell phone provides hands-free conversation, without removing the hearing protection. In areas without noise, pocket receivers and desk receivers can be used, so that these employees also become part of the company's environmental radio system. Safety and efficiency can be created in many ways, and we believe that using ScandCom environmental radio is one of them. People who thrive are often engaged people, and when using ScandCom environmental radio, the company's employees will thrive to be engaged. In addition, the safety and use of hearing protection is increased.

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