The below overview shows a list over some of the finished and upcoming projects.

  • MS-Volstad
  • Andenesfisk
  • Atlantik Viking
  • Granitt
  • Northern Osprey III.
  • Sealord Group, Build 135 Simek
  • Research Fishing Company, Build 882 Langstein
  • Build 318 ( Rayal Greenland) Bilbao Spain
  • Build 319 ( Rayal Greenland) Bilbao Spain
  • Gunnar Longva, Build 35 (Westcon)
  • Atlantic Long Liner, Build 1085 Tersan Shipyard
  • Geir, Build 158 Vaagland Båtbyggeri
  • Kystruten, two Vessels i Turkey
  • Build 323 ( Royal Greenland) Bilbao Spain

Sunncom performs complete design on the entire delivery with drawings and documentation. We also finish the installation with testing and commissioning. Our experience is that our solution is preferred in regards to Operation, Service, Support, guarantees and follow up with one point of contact for all systems.