As a dealer of both Telenor and Telia, we can offer the best of two worlds. On the mobile side, they stand for the two leading corporate solutions that are on the market today.

Telenor's Mobile Business Network has more than 500,000 users in Norway. Wireless Company from Telia is the proven solution from Telia (launching Norway's most modern solution in 2017).

Mobile Business Network from Telenor

Mobile Business Network allows employees to answer incoming calls wherever they are. With the mobile phone switchboard, you are easily accessible to your customers, avoiding missed calls. A well-functioning switchboard is not only profitable, it also provides a good customer experience.

Telia`s Mobile Business Network

Customers who do not get hold the right person can mean lost sales and lost revenue. Traditional switchboard solutions and phone solutions for businesses are often costly in operation and little adapted to today's mobile work life. Wireless Business is a complete phone solution that keeps corporate customers always at the right person, and the employees easily get hold of each other.